Residential Restoration Services

Unlimited Restoration has deep roots in Commercial and Industrial disaster response, recovery and restoration. Response personnel and restoration technicians have seen the worst of the worst in catastrophic situations such as hurricanes and major floods. This wide ranging experience provides a significant benefit to the homeowner who suffers damage to their property including storm damage, fire or smoke damage, or water intrusion or damage of any type. It doesn’t matter whether it is a large or small event; to the homeowner it’s a big deal in terms of time, inconvenience and daily life disruption.

URI project managers and restoration technicians have a broad array of equipment at their disposal, like soda blasting and water extraction and restoration tools, and the expertise to get your life back to normal in the shortest possible time.

URI’s residential services can take care of all of your needs, including:

  • Multi-family restoration services

  • Residential restoration

  • Water damage

  • Smoke damage

  • Water extraction or water restoration

“Not only was URI quick and efficient, but was professional at all times. I would, without hesitation, recommend Unlimited Restoration, Inc. for any disaster you might encounter.”


“Our business interruption was kept to a minimum, which we really appreciate. In the years that I have done business with your company, I have had nothing but great results.”

Stan PawloskiGeneral Manager, CSK Management, Inc.

“Your response time was excellent and the way you worked with our team can be described as second to none. A fire is a traumatic experience to anyone and to have your company as a support in helping us recover was very comforting and helpful.”

Duane BergeyVice President – Tire Operations, Bergey, Inc.